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Thelma, a woman who is the very essence of class, elegance and grace, is someone who I had the pleasure of meeting at the very beginning of my journey as a practice owner many years ago. You may be imagining someone who is overtly regale and poised in her presence. Although, she does have a royal quality about her, I very much see her as a woman who brings comfort and ease when you are in her company. Much like my own grandmother did for most of my life.

Thelma grew up in Virginia and moved to Maryland when she was in her teenage years, to pursue a nursing career. She started off as a staff nurse and then progressed to geriatric nursing, earning a degree along the way at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. From then on, she has touched the lives of many patients as well as their families. For Thelma, there was no greater joy than to connect and help those who were in need of care. I can tell you that she was passionate about her career, as she chose to retire just four years ago.

As someone who is always caring for others, she chose to finally do something to take care of herself. Thelma reached a point where she felt that it was time to improve her quality of life and decided to seek treatment to ascertain this goal. In this instance, we decided that implant retained dentures would be the best option for her. Although the process was long and required much planning, in the end, I was the beneficiary as Thelma made sure to always greet me with a smile as well as a loving embrace.

I will never forget that, for each and every single one of her visits, Thelma's grandson made sure to provide transportation to and from my practice. I would feel a subtle pang of sadness and admiration watching him open her door and providing his arm to support her as she walked into the office. She reminds me so much of that love that I once had from my own grandmother. Most importantly, however, they both reminded me that there is much more love in this world, than hate.

Thelma, you are and always will be the glimmer of sunshine that peers through the clouds on a cloudy day.

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