what makes us different

We Believe in You

Your potential is limitless, and we’re here to do all we can to help you bloom into Your Best You. We’re architects of confidence and courage, and builders of hopes and dreams. We want to help you step into your best life with a brilliant smile inside and outside.

Photo of a patient holding mirror, smiling

“Dr. Ritter and the staff at Smile Solutions were all courteous and informative. They made us feel welcome when we made a last minute appointment for an evaluation and procedure for our son. Everyone patiently explained the details - from insurance (thank you, Kelly, at the front desk!) to post-procedure recovery details - without rushing us. Thank you!”

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Photo of Dr. Ritter taking a headshot photo of a patient

We Believe in Transformation

We’ve seen it happen right before our eyes, like watching a flower bloom. A self-conscious smile becomes a showcasing smile that lights up a life. From airway solutions to cosmetic and reconstructive treatment, a beautifully healthy smile sets the tone for unleashing Your Best You on the world.

We Believe in Impact

In addition to deploying the most advanced technology (lasers, 3D imaging and scans, CEREC, 3D printers, etc…), we look at the entire airway to diagnose and treat issues most dental practices miss. Our combination of artistry and precision brings together Old World Craftsmanship and New World Technology for lasting, whole-health results.

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