Step Into Your Best Self

"I can help you transform your smile and your life"


What Smile Solutions is All About


Who do you desire to be?

What would it take for you to become who it is you need to be, to attain that which you so fervently desire? A mindset shift? A new perspective perhaps? An affirmation that you will no longer tolerate those things in your life which hold you back?

Whatever it may be, they all sound like anthems of change to me.

Throughout my career as a transformative dentist, I have had the great fortune of treating clients from all walks of life. Some of which include marketing specialists, students, young moms, speakers, lawyers, physicians, chemists, teachers, bus drivers, ex military personnel, nurses…and the list goes on.

At the fundamental level, all of these clients had one thing in common - their reasons for seeking treatment were not logical. They were all emotional. Whether it was from a place of health and wellness, self confidence or to feel connected to others, all of these clients sought an enhancement in their lives.

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I can sit here and tell you that, yes, I love to help people. While that is true, it would be foolish to leave out the fact that my greatest joy comes from providing dentistry that is transformative, regardless of the motive. I believe that each one of us has several unique and special gifts that make us who we are.

Yet, often times, speaking from experience, there is something that keeps us from stepping into our greatest selves. We compare and look to others, when all along all that we needed was inside of us the whole time.

And so that is why I am here. My passion is to provide a service as a stepping stone for you to dominate and live a purposeful and joyful life with an empowering smile that represents you.

"To hold back is not just a crime to ourselves, it is a deprivation to the world. You hold back from flying, from reaching out and making your mark. A mark that would never leave the world the same ever again”

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  • Do you feel your smile does not reflect who you are or are meant to be?

  • Do you avoid social situations or speaking because you are self conscious of your smile?

  • Are you worried your smile or tooth problems are not fixable?

  • Do you find that you do not smile in photos because you do not like the way your teeth look?

  • Are you tired of dealing with your teeth constantly chipping or breaking?

  • Have you been avoiding fixing your dental problems due to fear and cost?

  • Could you use some guidance as to how to improve your dental health without feeling overwhelmed?

  • Have you been unable to unlock your true potential because you find that you are holding yourself back?

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If so, I can help you

  • I am very passionate about cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry

  • I can partner with you to help you solve your dental needs

  • You are not alone. I have helped many clients who have been in your situation

    and are now smiling and connecting with others, without a care in the world!

  • Get the care you deserve so that you can live life on your terms.

"My goal is to serve and help you be the best version of yourself."

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