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Upper Teeth Porcelain Crowns Restoration

Have you ever been to see the Orchestra? Have you ever wondered how it all came together - the amalgamation of various sounds created by wood, string and brass? It has always been a mystery to me, how something so beautiful could be composed by man. And then to be put together by others to create the perfect symphony. When you think about it, as you are watching a movie or drama, many of the scenes would be nothing if not for the piece playing in the background.

I’d like to introduce you to my client, Ronald, a highly influential member in the Maryland music industry. Ron has been the artistic director and conductor of several orchestras and opera’s as well as a vocal coach and author of the book “Music Language and Fundamentals”. Most recently he was awarded the prestigious "Peabody Alumni Achievement Award Recognizing Outstanding Contributions to Music in Maryland”

These roles that he has embraced fit his personality exquisitely. As I have noticed how he appreciates much of life with reverence, kindness as well as beauty. For that reason, I am extremely grateful to know him.

Ron came to see me in an effort to improve the health, appearance and longevity of some of the older dental work he had done many years ago. We replaced the crowns on his upper anterior teeth and restored the health of his upper posterior dentition as well. I am pleased to say that by the end of the whole process, it was an overall enjoyable experience, especially for me.

Ron, thank you kind sir for sharing your gifts and talents with us all. It is the artists out there that truly make the world a more beautiful and exciting place.

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