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Upper Teeth Rehabilitation

Infinity. A concept that seems purely abstract yet equally fascinating. What lies in between 0 and infinity? And then what lies in between the fractions further still? What are the different sizes of infinity? How much is there that remains untouched, unbeknownst to us? Such were the questions that began the trajectory of my patient Dr. Dale Snow’s Philosophy career - questions surrounding her interest in the kaleidoscope of mathematics.

Dr. Dale Snow has an ethereal nature about her. She is a woman who emanates a love of wisdom - an enthusiasm which cannot be matched. As a student she took a placement test which dictated that she pursue a career in mathematics. It was during this journey that she realized that it wasn’t necessarily mathematics that was her calling, it was the pursuit of understanding the beauty and mystery surrounding the order of nature and how it relates to mankind.

Originally from Athens, OH, Dale pursued a degree in Philosophy at Clark University in Worcester MA and then furthered her career by earning an M.A. and PHD at the Emery University in Atlanta, GA. She then accepted a position as a professor of philosophy at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. She is now the Department Chair of Philosophy.

Lucky for me, Dale was a patient of the previous practice owner. After being a patient of mine for a few years, she made a decision to make an improvement in her dental health. We took off on a journey that concluded with a happy and satisfied client.

Dale, your students are very lucky to have you and the realm of Philosophy is better with you in it. Cheers to you!

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