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Resin Veneers

Grit. Grind. Zero Entitlement. Eagle Puncher. Business Operations Manager. Great brother. A son to be proud of. The coolest human being on the planet. These are all phrases and names that come to mind when speaking in reference to one of my most favorite clients, Peter ( I don’t know what an “Eagle Puncher” is but my hope is that you don’t actually punch eagles).

Peter and his family have been clients of mine for a long while. The whole family is incredible and I feel lucky to know them, truly. In preparation for his brother's wedding, I did some resin work for Peter (discussed in previous post). The appointment wasn’t easy, as I was working without an assistant. However, we had so much fun together that by the end, Peter and I were cracking up.

Peter is an awesome guy and not someone who you would picture as a typical 21 year old. He admires both of his parents immensely and I could hear the pride in his voice when he spoke about his dad. He explained to me that part of his drive to work hard was his parents story. His mom has always been his biggest supporter and his dad fits the typical “Rags to riches” persona - someone who worked their way from the bottom to the top.

Its awesome to see someone as young as Peter be as ambitious as he is. In fact, Peter is so dedicated to his work, that he was very particular and diligent in scheduling his appointments with me, so as to not disrupt his work schedule. A true inspiration and hero in my book. Cheers to you my man!

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