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Implant-Retained Teeth Replacement

You are valuable. You are important. What you do and say matters. Don’t ever forget that.

Sometimes I need to hear words such as these. Sometimes, I want to say them to someone else, whether it be a friend, a family member, or in this case, my client, Mr. Brian Cadden.

This story is a bit of a tough one, as it exemplifies how vital it is for we as practitioners to show empathy, compassion and kindness, especially to those whom are experiencing pain, uncertainty and fear.

Brian had no hesitation sharing with me that he has been reluctant to seek any kind of dental care, due to harrowing experiences from his past. However, with some help from his partner Lori, he finally had the courage to make that choice to do something about the immense pain he was experiencing, physically and emotionally. After months of tedious planning, hard work, and tough appointments, we are at a place where Brian feels like he can continue to live his life on his terms, without any hindrance.

This man is strong. He does have courage. He made the sacrifice and did what was necessary to attain the goal of living a life full of potential. Brian plays a mean game of billiards, works at a pot shop and knows where to get the best cut of steak (and Sal made sure to deliver and got him a gift card to his favorite place).

Just to throw in another cool piece, Brian also shared with me that his father Pvt. James Cadden served in WWII and served with the 506th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, the same division that was followed in the popular HBO Series “Band of Brothers”.

Brian, seeing you thrive, is a driving force for me to continue to work hard. And so my friend, for me, you are valuable, you are important, and what you did mattered. So please, don’t ever forget that.

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