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Gap Closure with Resin Composite

Have you ever heard the French phrase “Joie de vie”? In English, it simply means “Joy of life”. Our friend and patient Ashanti embodies this sentiment perfectly as she injects feelings of love, gratitude and delight in her day to day experiences. When asked “What do you like to do for fun?” she gave the carefree response that she loves to shop, get her nails done, listen to music, hang with her friends as well as watch Netflix. Born and raised in Baltimore, she is extremely close with her parents and two brothers. Ashanti is a medical coder for St. Joseph Medical Center right here in Towson, MD. She explained that she enjoys her job as it allows her to work in the healthcare field while working from home. On the side, Ashanti is pursuing her passion of editing videos.  

Not too long ago, Ashanti presented to Dr. Ritter with a desire to fix a “crooked gap” between her front teeth that she has had since she was a child. She had explained to me that she had always wanted to correct the mis-alignment yet she was hesitant to do so because she was unsure of the cost of treatment. When she finally had the courage, she met with Dr. Ritter and explained what it was that she was seeking in her smile. After discussing several options, Ashanti found a solution that addressed all of her needs yet fit within her budget. After some orthodontic treatment, gum recontouring and placement of white restorative material, we achieved an amazing result.  

Ashanti gave herself permission to pursue a smile that she felt matched her spectacular personality. She recently expressed to me that she was so glad that she did not wait any longer, as she can smile unabashedly without a care in the world for the rest of her life.  

This is, unequivocally, the best part of our jobs. We are blessed that Ashanti gave us this opportunity to better her life in so many ways. Cheers to you Ashanti!

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