You Are Your Sovereign

You Are Your Sovereign

You Are Your Sovereign

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

Generally speaking, who knows what's best for you? Who knows what you need? Who knows what your goals are? Your values?

Is it someone other than yourself? People living thousands of miles away from you whom you've never met? Should they direct big decisions in your life?

It's a deeply personal question that I think we should all try to answer.

Here is one of the definitions of sovereign:

possessing supreme or ultimate power.

Wow, what responsibility!

In today's world, I feel there is too much of people telling other people what's good for them. There's not enough self-accountability and responsibility being taken. People are looking too much to others to solve their problems or reach their goals.

At Smile Solutions of Baltimore, I believe in YOU being the sovereign of your dental health choices.

At our practice, you will always have "supreme or ultimate power" over your dental health decision making.

As a sovereign over your basic dental health, dental esthetic image and your overall health, it is incredibly important that you become highly educated. Sovereigns must understand the issues at hand and make wise decisions if they hope to "rule" well.

It is our mission to help educate you on your current dental health status, help you visualize and crystallize your dental health goals for the present and future AND guide you on your journey to making a fully informed sovereign decision regarding your chosen treatment and maintenance path.

We will never tell you that you MUST do something. That power is yours and yours alone.

If we give you a recommended treatment path and you decide it's not right for you, never hesitate to ask what is the "next best" option or what other options you may have.

We are here to support you in your journey to reaching your dental health goals no matter what they may be. And believe me when I say this: If you can imagine an outcome for your dental health and smile, we can almost certainly achieve it.


I had the honor of celebrating this wonderful person's dental health and smile transformation a few weeks ago.

When I sat down with Janet several months ago she laid out a few of her goals. She didn't want to lose her teeth. She wanted her teeth to be healthy and stable and stay that way. She didn't want to experience any more dental complications.

From a smile perspective, she was aware her top teeth didn't follow the curve of her lower lip and she was curious what was going on there.

Janet's full mouth restoration was recommended once we knew exactly what it was she wanted to achieve. It was an answer to her desires and goals. A "Smile Solution". :)

So, we completed a full mouth restoration using porcelain restorations for Janet and her result is absolutely incredible!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. :)

A heartfelt thank you to Janet for trusting in us to help her reach her dental health and smile goals!