With Crisis Comes Opportunity

With Crisis Comes Opportunity

If you didn't know already, we have an incredible New Patient Referral Program.

We are always welcoming new patients!

We love and appreciate all of our patients and are always looking to serve more friends, family members and colleagues of our current patients. Refer someone to our practice and receive a $50 GIFT CARD of your choice or an account credit when they complete a new patient appointment! In addition, the person you refer also gets a $50 credit towards their visit!.

To honor your trust in referring a new patient to us, we promise to work incredibly hard to provide them with an exceptional experience with us.

With Crisis Comes Opportunity

Life is full of crises.

There is no getting around the fact that we all have and will continue to face crises in our lives. It's inevitable.

You may be going through a crises as your eyes pass over these words.

I offer you up 3 definitions of crisis taken straight from the Oxford dictionary:


  • a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.
  • a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.
  • the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.

Anyone who has ever been a member of the Smile Solutions team knows that I am laser focused on SOLUTIONS when it comes to problems.

I only wish to seek to understand the problem, it's root causes and then brainstorm solutions to solve the problem effectively and efficiently.

With every crisis we have in our life, we have at least one important decision to make that could alter the course of our life forever. We must make it though. If we choose to hide from those decisions then the World will make them for us.

It's in these crises that we define who we are. If face crises in our life with clear eyes, love, logic and courage then in these crises you can find the most astounding opportunities of your life.

As a solution focused dental practice focused on helping people achieve maximal dental health, well-being and lifestyle, we see people every day facing dental crises of one form or another.

Many times, the cause of the crisis is not isolated to that tooth. It is a manifestation of more dental system-wide issues like a maligned bite, acid erosion, sleep apnea, unconscious habits, periodontal disease, etc.

In these moments of crisis, patients have the opportunity to seek answers to the causation of their problem and come up with a solution plan to address those root causes and repair the damage done.

With crisis comes opportunity.

Eating, speaking, being intimate and interacting with others are some of the primary functions of your teeth and mouth. If you don't have stability, peace of mind and full capacity of these things could you say you are living life to the fullest? Reaching your full potential?

I can't answer that for you. You must answer that for yourself.

What I do know is that myself, and the entire team at Smile Solutions of Baltimore is here to support you NO MATTER WHAT decisions you make for your oral health. It is our role to create an environment where you can reach your goals for your life and serve as a mentor for your dental journey when you need or want one.

Search hard for the opportunity when you have a crisis and I promise you, there will be an opportunity in it that can serve you well.

Patient Celebration + Team Photo Day

Last Friday rolled out the red carpet for two wonderful patients who we completed dental health transformations for. We filmed videos of them telling their story as well as took portraits to showcase their new smile!

We also got video and portraits of the team members to FINALLY add to our website! :)

The ladies looked fantastic! They looked like models, seriously!

We shared a ton of laughs and I look forward to sharing their content when it's ready.

Office Hours & Contact Info

Our office hours are NOT currently changing but I wanted to clearly communicate what our office hours and coverage is for a typical week:

Monday-Wednesday: 8AM - 5PM (Hygiene & Treatment Visits)
Thursday: 8AM - 5PM (Tongue Tie Center of Baltimore)
Friday: Closed (Special Exceptions for Certain Treatment Cases)

Lunch Hour: 1-2 PM