Who Decides What's Best for You? | The Smile Squad #18

Who Decides What's Best for You? | The Smile Squad #18

Who Decides What’s Best For You?

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

In your life, do you prefer people who know nothing about you, your goals, your greatest fears and your individual human experience to make life altering decisions for you?

I'm going to go out on a whim here and say, "NO".

When we allow people who know nothing about our individual circumstances to make crucial decisions for us, we give up our most natural inalienable right...FREEDOM.

Freedom to make our own decisions is something generations past and present have given their lives to defend.

Why is it then that any of us would voluntarily outsource our dental health to a third party that knows absolutely zip, zero, nada about you.

Dental health is about reducing oral-systemic health risks for diabetes, stroke and heart attack by controlling periodontal disease. In addition, it’s about preventing tooth loss through wear, breakage and decay.

It's about enjoying an abundant lifestyle where you can enjoy the pleasures of food until your last day. Dental health is also about putting forth the impression to the world that you believe reflects your desired self-image.

In a nutshell, dental health is about quality of life.

The quality of life you believe you deserve is a deeply personal thing rooted in your childhood and molded through your adult life.

So, when you've decided what you want your quality of life to be like as it relates to dentistry, how would you like to make those decisions?

Would you prefer to discuss your goals and desires with care providers who care deeply for you and want the best for you, formulate a care plan that maximizes your quality of life factoring in your unique life circumstances and then strategically execute that plan to reach ALL of your deeply personal dental and life goals...


Would you prefer to base your decisions on what a 3rd party dental insurance companies says is "covered"? People who know nothing about you, your goals, desires, fears and unique circumstances deciding for you what you can have, stripping you of your freedom to decide on a plan suited for you. Does that sound appealing to you?

So ask yourself this question:

Am I the type of person that believes I should be in control of my dental health decisions and the quality of life I have as a result OR am I the type of person that is happy to give my freedom away to a third party who doesn't know or care about me?

I, and the entire Smile Solutions of Baltimore team are in your corner. We are here to serve you in meeting and exceeding your dental health goals and to help you live your life on your terms.

Cheers to you and your freedom!

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