What About A Smile Transformation Is Easier Now Than A Year Ago?

What About A Smile Transformation Is Easier Now Than A Year Ago?

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Today I’d like to talk to you about what things this year are easier about smile transformations than last year. It's actually a topic that I really dug deep into today and doing a lot of research on.

I'm looking to upgrade my process in a new way by digitizing the whole process of designing a smile. The thing that I was researching today was a really cool, fun, fast and efficient way to do the diagnostic wax-up portion of the smile transformation.

Things are going digital direction and a really great change that is coming into my work-flow is to get digital wax ups. I used to request diagnostics wax-ups from a laboratory or have a digital wax-up done by a laboratory. But now I'm gonna have a process where I actually do it myself and it's gonna be pretty quick and efficient. It also gives me full control of the treatment planning process which is ideal for me because I like to control the quality of my work. .

It's gonna be a fast turnaround time in theory if we get scans of somebody’s teeth, and all the records we need. I could really have a simulation and a treatment plan complete in a matter of hours which is unheard of. Before It was taking me a few days just to give you an idea. I think that it's just another speed thing, it's an efficiency thing... because I am the one doing the diagnostics,the creation of the tooth forms and determining exactly where the teeth are gonna go...instead of simply providing instructions or somebody else to do it.

Its actually gonna lead to better and more predictable outcomes which is good for my patients. It all translates to a better experience and more ease for our clients.

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