The Power to Forgive | The Smile Squad #23

The Power to Forgive | The Smile Squad #23

The Power To Forgive

By Dr. Jesse Ritter


“I’m so stupid!”

“I’ll never be successful.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying these things about yourself either out loud or in your head?

I know I have. We all make mistakes. It’s part of the human condition. We’re programmed to experiment, screw up and adjust. So often though, we develop resentment towards ourselves for “mistakes” we’ve made in the past. We beat ourselves up with negative self talk and harsh judgement. How can we expect others to treat us with respect and kindness if we can’t give it to ourselves?

How can we feel deserving of our desires and goals when we can’t move on from a mistake we made in the past?

How can we forgive others when we can’t even forgive ourselves?

We can’t. You must first give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Step into your Power To Forgive. It is a superpower. It helps to unleash your true self to pursue what you want without judgement from…you. An example from my personal life is one that many people can relate to. In 2018 I lost my other suddenly. There was no opportunity to express my deep appreciation for her being my mother and my empathy towards her for all of the struggles she had in raising us 4 kids with my Dad. Being a father of 3 myself, I ONLY NOW realize WHY she was the way she was in many ways. Why she always yelled at us for not taking our shoes off, for leaving doors wide open when we came into the house and recognizing how hard it is to work full time and also schlep all the kids to sports practices and make sure they somehow got fed dinner!

I never expressed my deep respect and appreciation for her herculean effort she put in for us kids. I missed the opportunity. I beat myself up for a few years for not having expressed myself to her sooner. I NEEDED to forgive myself so I can fully heal. It was imperative that I let go of that guilt and forge forward. Regret is a worthless feeling to hold on to. Recognize it, learn from it and move on. It's only useful as far as recognition of a mistake to learn from. Now move on.

You can impact your life TODAY and TOMORROW. NOT YESTERDAY. Forgive yourself and release the tremendous positive energy inside you to do good, live a great life and get out there and realize your dream.

You deserve it.

The Multi-Crown Discount

We have started our new program called the multi-crown discount.

This is meant to help reward you for make the decision to get more work done in less visits which is mutually beneficial to you and Smile Solutions.

This applies to crowns, partial crowns and onlays (another version of a partial crown) completed AT THE SAME VISIT. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Crown = Full Fee
  • 2 Crowns = $100 OFF 2nd Crown = $100 Savings
  • 3 Crowns = $100 OFF 2nd Crown + $200 OFF 3rd Crown = $300 Savings
  • 4 Crowns = $100 OFF 2nd Crown + $200 OFF 3rd Crown + $300 OFF 3rd Crown =
    $600 Savings

*Cosmetic and rehab cases are excluded. This is meant for single tooth treatment situations.

Reach out to our team with any questions!