The Power of Story | Smile Squad #11

The Power of Story | Smile Squad #11

The Power of Story

By Dr. Jesse Ritter

What determines how you react to things in your life?

To discover what you truly believe, take a moment to FEARLESSLY examine your present results. When you examine your present results - where your business is now, the quality of your relationships, where your finances are, your dental health, etc. - it causes you to think.

The results you're experiencing in your life are HEAVILY influenced by your personal stories. What do I mean? We all have programmed stories around situations, events, words, people, etc. that serve as our programming as it relates to those things.

For example, when you hear the word "veneers", what comes to your mind? What reaction do you have?

"They're for celebrities". "Veneers look fake". "Veneers are painful". "They're for people who are vain". "I can't afford veneers, they're too expensive!".

You could also have the reaction of "veneers changed my life". "Veneers make people appear healthier and more youthful". "Veneers increase a person's confidence". "Veneers can make chipped or worn teeth stronger and healthier."

I, of course, went with a dental example. I am a dentist after all. :)

However, this applies to EVERYTHING in your life.

The story you tell yourself profoundly impacts your results in your life.

The same objective word, "veneers", can produce completely opposite emotions in different people. In one person, intensely positive and inspiring. In another, intensely negative and diminishing.

Start by examining the tapes you play over and over in your head in response to different aspects of your life.

Decide if those stories (tapes) are ones you chose or ones you were given.

Then, decide if those stories serve you or hinder you.

If they hinder you, decide you're going to replace them with new stories and then...

BE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR LIFE. Re-write your stories to serve you and create the life you desire!

Practice News

New Treatment Room

Tomorrow, demolition starts to build a new treatment room at the practice. Since the merger with Dr. Weller's practice, we require an increased capacity to service the needs of our growing patient family. This room will be state of the art with every aspect of it's design meant to make your visits with us as comfortable as possible. Stay tuned for updated photos and please be patient and understanding of the office being a bit messy and noisy the next few weeks. :)

Coming Soon - Baby Faudale!

Lis's first baby is due in the next few weeks which means it could be any day now! We are all so incredibly excited for her!

Lis will be going on maternity leave but trying to help out in the background as much as she as able (within reason). Lacey will be holding down the front office during her leave so please be patient and understanding during this time as we will be a bit short staffed in the front office. Thank you! :)

Lacey Turns 37

Lacey, our "new" front office rock star, turned 37 on August 30th. She sported her silk "money" shirt at the office for the first time (I wish I had a picture). Happy birthday to Lacey!

Still Looking For A New Dental Assistant

While we have a few prospects, we are still looking for a rock star dental assistant to join our team. If you know anybody potentially interested please send them our way!