The Legend Hangs Up His Handpiece

The Legend Hangs Up His Handpiece

The Legend Hangs Up His Handpiece

Dr. Weller, after a long and successful career, has officially retired as of this July.

Dr. Weller served his patients of the surrounding Towson community for many years. His charm and sense of humor are legendary.

Having the opportunity to meet many of his patients this past year and a half (since the merger in January 2022), has been an incredible honor. I've heard countless stories about "the time Dr. Weller sung to me during my appointment" or "the time he told a ridiculous joke to help me relax at my appointment."

I've also heard his patients talk about the times he's jokingly told them to "sit down and shut up!". 😂

You can't go 10 seconds talking to Dr. Weller without some belly laughing from one his jokes or punchy comments.

All of his patients speak about him as if he is a personal friend. It's incredible.

For the short time I've known Dr. Weller, it is clearly evident that he is an honorable man. He always wants the best for those around him, whether that's his patients, his team, his family and his friends.

I feel fortunate and blessed that Dr. Weller and I crossed paths and decided to merge our practices together as he began his transition to retirement. He always conducted himself with class, grace and the best intentions.

When I insisted that Dr. Weller allow us to throw him a retirement party he respectfully declined. He claimed he didn't want to be the center of all that attention. As always, humble.

With the utmost respect and appreciation, I, and the entire team at Smile Solutions of Baltimore congratulate Dr. Weller on his retirement. We wish him the absolute best in this next chapter of his life and hope that he surprises us from time to time with a cameo appearance at the office.

Everyone raise your glasses for Dr. Weller!!! 🫡🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🫡

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These are patients we've had the honor of treating and were gracious enough to tell their story in order to help others understand what the process is like with us.

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Robert Joins The Team

We have a new team member!

Robert is our new dental assistant. He spent several years dental and medical assisting in for the Navy and has traveled the world doing so.

Robert brings a "cool, calm and collected" energy and many years of experience.

He looks forward to meeting you at your next visit!

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