Suspend Disbelief | The Smile Squad #2

Suspend Disbelief | The Smile Squad #2

Suspend Disbelief


Being skeptical keeps us safe. It's built into our human nature.

Doubt is something that develops in a vacuum. That vacuum is absence of proof. If there was a way for someone to provide you with proof that you could make a quantum leap in any aspect of your life, your doubt would disappear.

With the doubt removed, making the decisions necessary to make that leap would become effortless.

The problem is there are very few things where there's proof it will work out before we make the decision to go for it. Marriage, starting a family, taking a new job, relocating to a different state, building a house, etc.

In addition to our human nature to doubt things that make us feel unsafe, we're also programmed throughout life by family, friends and society to avoid risk. We end up doubting a lot of the wrong things, like our own potential and the availability of opportunities for us to live the life we want to live.

Take any IMPORTANT DESIRE you have in your life. There are undoubtedly key decisions that must be made, actions to be taken and allocation of resources necessary to bring that desire into your life. What if you approached getting that which you want with the faith that no matter what decision you made, action you took or investment you made, that you would get which that which you desire.

In short, suspend the doubt. Put it in the corner where it belongs. Act as if you have no doubt.

I suspect you would be much more likely to get that which you desire with this mindset.

Let's use the example of unspoken desires that almost all adult patients have:

  • "I want to keep my teeth"
  • "I want to be dental pain free"
  • "I don't want to have dental emergencies"
  • "I want my teeth and smile to look nice. At the very least, not look unattractive or unhealthy"

Most people have been conditioned, through many years of experience, to believe that these things are not attainable for them. That they are destined to lose teeth, get cavities and avoid smiling boldly. They accept that dental emergencies once or twice a year are "normal" and the perception that dentists exist to fix their "tooth problems" only.

Those are all lies.

I'm here to tell you that I know, because I've helped many patients like you, that the desires above are achievable for virtually all patients, including you.

Suspend your disbelief that it isn't possible for you. Our entire team is here to support you in exploring what's possible for you. It starts with a consult with myself to learn where you currently stand and what's possible for you.

The invitation is extended. Will you RSVP?

Allow doubt in what's possible for you and your life to sit in the corner where it belongs and you may find yourself living a bolder, more fulfilled life.