Springtime Seeds

Springtime Seeds

Springtime Seeds

Spring is upon us!

No, it's not just because my birthday is in April, tulip festivals, cherry blossoms, long evenings outside with my family, the bursts of color and life or the fragrance blowing in with a gentle breeze of the first flowers blooming at our house.

I love Spring because it is a season of new beginnings. Nature's seasons are incredibly symbolic. After the long winter (with no show) has killed off most of last years flowers and crops, the thaw of Spring brings the potential of new growth.

In nature, past growth breaks down into the raw nutrients necessary to fuel future growth. Dead vegetation fertilizes the soil and makes future growth possible. Without it, the soil would become depleted over time to the point of uselessness.

While us humans have our own unique seasons of life, I believe that we are also sensitive to the rhythm of nature's seasons as well. The warming weather of Spring brings outside more often. Increases our energy.

Springtime can be an opportunity for us to plant new seeds in our figurative life soil. Fertilized by our knowledge gained from past failures and successes, we can plant our updated goals and begin to water them with disciplined action.

What an incredible opportunity that is!!!

If you've wanted to launch that new business and haven't taken the first step, plant that seed and form your entity (with the advice of your CPA and/or attorney of course). :)

If you have a new goal to get into the best shape of your life, plant that seedand get that gym membership!

If you've been wanting to mend broken relationships or up-level others, plant that seed and make that awkward phone call that you've been putting off.

Once you've intentionally planted your seeds, started watering those bad boys with courageous and disciplined action!

My next email will be in two weeks so for those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!!!

Patient Quote From This Week

"You know Dr. Ritter, you have an amazing team here. You are incredibly lucky. Everyone is so nice and actually cares. That's not easy to find these days."

- Diane

Diane speaks the truth!!! We do have an amazing team and I consider myself so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a group of ladies who are ALWAYS trying to do right by every patient they interact with.

Our ladies and this gentleman always want what's best for patients and genuinely enjoy delivering excellent care and wonderful customer service.

Guess what Diane, we love you and are lucky to have you as a patient too! <3