Smile Makeover Experiences Don't Suck

Smile Makeover Experiences Don't Suck


Today I wanted let you know that Smile Transformation experiences do not have to suck. A common thing in dentistry is that, people are terrified. People are scared. People will have experiences from their childhood, or  have stories that people have told them about their experience, and how it hurt when the work got done, or it was really uncomfortable staying open, or it really hurt after things were done.  I can tell you that  modern dentistry has come a long way. 

In our office specifically, we really focus on making sure that you are comfortable every step of the way. And that your experience through the entire Smile Solutions process, of getting a Smile Transformation is really comfortable. Not only do we use the latest and most potent dental local anesthetics, but we also provide prescriptions for relaxation for you. If you are very nervous, that's something that can really help you. 

The other thing is we take frequent breaks. We have a TV on the ceiling while we're working, essential oil diffusers in the room, your choice of music, and massage chairs. We also have warm towels, to make you comfortable. It does not have to be this thing that you have to build up all this courage to go through. It really can be something where you're in the office for a day and you can  let us pamper you and take care of you, and give you our 100% full attention. You come out with something that could potentially change your life. People build it up in their head that things will go absolutely awful, be traumatizing, and difficult. And they really don't have to be. 

We have a whole system in our office that's built around ease, and comfort, and making sure that you are taken care of every step of the way. 

So if you found this post helpful, please share it and comment below. And as always, I will ask for suggestions for future posts, because I really answer any burning questions you may have. A lot of the questions that I answer when I'm doing these videos are ones that I've heard in the past or ones that I believe patients would want the answer to. However, it would really be best to hear from you. And especially anyone who is considering a Smile Transformation with another dentist, or whatever, it doesn't matter. If you're even thinking about that, or curious about it for a friend or a family member, and you have a question, you guys are curious about something, about the process, please feel free to put that question in the comment section, and I am happy to do a future post on that subject. 

So I hope you are doing wonderful during this transition to summertime. It's been an interesting few weeks here for us. We are transitioning back into the office. We're kind of going about halftime, getting back in, and sort of trying to return to a state of a new  normalcy.

Till next time.