Smile Makeover Decision. The Silent Killer of Empowered Decision Making

Smile Makeover Decision. The Silent Killer of Empowered Decision Making

Today I'd like to talk about the silent reason that a lot of people don't move forward with the smile transformation or rehabilitation that they deeply desire. This is a feeling that a lot of us actually have in our life, and a lot of us have struggled with.

Speaking about myself, for my entire adult life I have struggled between this polarizing feeling within me. One of feeling very confident, and then at times, feeling very inferior or unworthy. I've flipped between those two things. I have this understanding around the fact that we all have these big dreams and desires, but the thing that holds us back is not feeling worthy.

Even though you have a desire for a career, wealth or owning a business etc... but you actually don't expect it, or don't believe that you are capable of it, then how are you possibly going to take the steps, and the action necessary to make these things happen? The short answer is, you're not. You're simply not. We sabotage ourselves in a lot of ways in our life when we have a desire for a thing, but then we don't actually expect it to happen. We don't actually believe that we're worthy of it, that we're capable of it, that we deserve it.

This is going to lead to a life full of epic disappointments. A lot of "coulda-shouldas", a lot of hindsight 20/20 moments, and a lot of regret in our life. What I would invite you to think about is understanding that every human being on this planet is worthy and deserving of the absolute best. If you're religious, it's God. If you're not religious, maybe spirit, or universe that wants you to have the absolute best in life. There is not this invisible force that wants you to suffer. And wants you to just not have the things that you desire and want in life.

I've struggled with this feeling of unworthiness - “I'm unworthy of transforming hundreds of people's smiles a year, and just having an absolute blast doing it.” I've had those thoughts in the past. And I've worked through them.

When you are considering cosmetic dentistry or a smile transformation, or any up level in your life, and you think

"Well, I picture myself with that smile."

"I want that smile."

"I'm gonna feel better with it."

"I'm going to feel more confident."

"I feel like I'd be more successful."

Even if you get to that place, and you understand the value involved, and you understand how it would enhance your life, you know what you want, you know why you want it...if you don't believe that you deserve to have a gorgeous, healthy smile thats virtually maintenance-free (where you're not having things break down and things happen all the time) if you don't then you will not get the thing it.

So even if you can get to a place where you're like, "I figured out the financial side of it." "I'm ready to go, but I just literally, I don't feel like I deserve this." "I don't feel like I'm worthy of looking that good, of feeling that good." That is a thing that can hold you back. And that is a thing that you've gotta start to look inside of yourself, and you've gotta dig into those past experiences and you've got to begin to work on that.

Because if you get to the place and you do the work, and you can say to yourself, "I do deserve this." "I do deserve that new smile." "I do deserve to have absolutely gorgeous teeth, to be healthy, all that." If you reach that point and you say, "I deserve that!" And you move forward and you get that, and you do that, and you have courage through that, the ripple effect in your life is absolutely unlimited. The ability to predict all the ripples that could potentially have in your life is impossible. You just can't predict it, but I can tell you that they will be there.

Whenever you make a decision to move through something with courage, and change your beliefs around it in a positive way, it has impacts in other aspects of your life that you couldn't possibly imagine or anticipate beforehand.

If you have things that you feel like you're not worthy of, or you're not expecting to happen in your life, really dig into why you believe those things, and what's false in those things, and begin to understand that the truth is that you can have whatever you want in life, and there's no force out there that is stopping you from having it. And when I say that, I mean God, universe, spirit, whatever it is that you believe in, it wants, he wants, she wants the absolute best for you in this world. And don't be afraid to step into your best self with courage.