Remain Vigilant | The Smile Squad #22

Remain Vigilant | The Smile Squad #22

Remain Vigilant

By Dr. Jesse Ritter

How do we become weak?

Is it one decision or event in our life that suddenly turns our knees to jelly? Are we strong one day and wake up the next day and decide: "I am going to be weak"? No.

In the words of Jocko Willink, "We are defeated one tiny, seemingly insignificant surrender at a time that chips away at who we should really be."

The process of becoming weak is incremental in nature. It happens slowly over weeks, months, years, decades.

One bedrock of enduring strength is discipline. Simple math. Unwavering discipline = enduring strength.

When we let things chip away at our discipline we are letting weakness in.

We sleep in a little bit later. Hit the snooze button. Miss a workout. Then another. Then ANOTHER.

We tell ourselves (I'm guilty of this) "It's the weekend, I'm gonna eat what I want to today. I'll get back to eating healthy on Monday."

We build strength by being disciplined. We build confidence by being disciplined. We build trust in ourself by being disciplined.

How can you build trust in yourself if you tell yourself the night before you're going to get up and work out but when that alarm goes off you hit the snooze button and tell yourself "I'll take today off"?

You can't. If you can't trust yourself, why should anyone else? Good question.

It's been said that "good times create weak men (and women)". We have had the blessing of living in a country, world and period of time in history of incredible relative stability and prosperity. Good times.

Remain vigilant in your discipline and don't become weak.

You, your family, your community, your country and your world needs people who are strong.

Without it what hope do we all have to reach our individual and collective potential? None.

So be vigilant. Be on guard. You must hold the line on even the seemingly insignificant things. They matter.

Brush and floss your teeth every day. 🦷👉😁 (Just one example... 😂)

A Look At The New Room :)

As much as we know almost everyone hates being in the dental chair, we have invested heavily in giving you the most comfortable experience possible. This new room is representative of that.

Just like our rear treatment room (Room 5 we call it), this room has a 55" ceiling TV, 65" tv at the base of the chair, headphones and the latest dental equipment available.

2023 Yearly Kickoff Meeting

Two Fridays ago we has our 2023 Kickoff Meeting at the Spark Baltimore located in the Power Plant Live area. We're always working to improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes and impact more patient's lives.

It was both productive and fun because we have such an awesome team! I'm so grateful for ya'll!