Patient Case | Deep Overbite

Patient Case | Deep Overbite

Case of the Week

June 12, 2022

The Presentation:

  • "My granddaughter asked me why I have black spots on my teeth"
  • "People sometimes tell me I have food stuck between my two front teeth. She doesn't normally feel self conscious about her teeth but does when people say that"
  • "I want to keep my teeth"
  • "I would like them to be whiter"
  • Deep overbite
  • Lower front teeth that have supraerupted leaving a large step down from her front to her back teeth
  • Progressive wear through enamel and into soft dentin core of her teeth
  • Mild crowding of lower front teeth

Current Deep Bite

The Plan

Correction of the stepped teeth on the bottom and the deep bite required either orthodontics (moving teeth) or complete restoration of one or both arches of teeth.

A 3D Blueprint was completed to prove that we could reach ALL treatment goals. We absolutely can (see below).

This 3D Blueprint is our guide for her restoration and allows the final plan to be created and discussed.

Congratulations to this wonderful vibrant patient for suspending her disbelief that she could have a gorgeous, healthy and stable smile. More importantly, she courageously moved forward with her new belief that she deserves the best life has to offer.

Current (planned opening of bite)

3D Blueprint