Patient Case | Clear Aligners

Patient Case | Clear Aligners

Case of the Week

June 4th, 2022

Clear aligners will be used to correct this patient's deep bite, crowded and shifted teeth, and intrude the front teeth to create room for repair of his chipping and wear.

Clear aligner treatment is often the best investment you can make because it allows us to position the teeth back where they belong and facilitates much more conservative restorative treatment at the end.

By intruding the front teeth (see below) we will reduce drastically the amount of tooth structure that must be removed to "fit" porcelain or composite over the edges of this patient's front teeth.

Congrats to this patient for having the courage to move forward with what they want and need! :)

Final Tooth Position Planned With Clear Aligners

Space Created Between Front Teeth For More Conservation Of Tooth Structure