Old School Meets New School | The Smile Squad #24

Old School Meets New School | The Smile Squad #24

Old School Meets New School

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

I had an interesting conversation with a patient the other week.

The patient brought up the fact that sometimes what is "new" and "modern" isn't always better.

I agree!

In dentistry, things are constantly evolving. 50 years ago dentists weren't even wearing gloves, let alone masks. Breakthroughs in material science have improved the quality and outcome of our restorative materials, advances in radiological tech have allowed us to take 3D x-rays using less radiation then a few older style 2D x-rays, high powered microscopes can be used visualize the exact bacteria present in the pockets around your teeth AND the list goes on and on.

Alongside technological evolution in dentistry, many of the techniques have evolved as well. The foundational principles, however, have mostly remained the same.

Simultaneously, I believe another aspect of dental care has also been evolving and will continue to evolve moving forward. The Patient Care Model. It's becoming much more collaborative.

We, at Smile Solutions of Baltimore, have moved away from the traditional "dentist tells you what you need" model to a much more collaborative model of "goal-focused custom dental health solutions".

I believe this model is much more in service to our wonderful patients. It's why we're always asking you "so, what level of care category do you feel you're in right now?" OR "what goals do you have for your dental right now and in the future?". I believe that this approach to any aspect of your health leads to better outcomes and more appropriate treatment recommendations. That being said, if a patient tells me to "just tell me what I need to __________ (fill in the blank), I will tell them what I believe the solution is.

We have implemented a TON of modern technology and techniques at our practice to date. I actually take great pride in having embraced these advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

That being said, investing in technology ONLY MATTERS IF IT IMPROVES OUTCOMES AND EXPERIENCES FOR PATIENTS. We don't invest in technology for the sake of being "high tech".

I believe that blending old school principles and techniques with modern technology is the way to go and we, at Smile Solutions of Baltimore, will always honor both.

Here's to Old School and New School existing as one...cheers!

Our New Spa-Like Touch

We're now offering warm scented towels during your dental visits. We're keenly aware that we typically splash you with water and make a bit of a mess of you when you come to see us which is why we'd like to help you freshen up before you leave us.

If we forget to offer you one don't hesitate to ask! :)