My Practice No Longer Exists As I Knew It...

My Practice No Longer Exists As I Knew It...

You read that right. I truly believe that my practice, as it was, no longer exists. 

Yes, the physical office is unchanged. We still have our building, treatment rooms, living room furniture in the reception area and the Team is on standby, ready to get back in the game and serve you to the fullest.

That's not what I'm referring to.

Implications of COVID-19 on the dental industry will linger for some time. Some changes will be permanent. 

I've had the opportunity to speak with several dentists over the past few weeks. With few exceptions, I can tell you there is a massive amount of fear.

I heard questions like

- When will we be able to start seeing patients again? 

- When we do, will there be enough PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) available?

- How will aerosols be handled?

- How do these federal and state loan programs work? Can I get both the EIDL and PPP loan for my practice?

- Can we just plan to talk again when things "settle down"?

These questions reflected a focus on one thing...FEAR. Dental practices have been completely upended. Most people want to talk about the problems. Dentists were comfortable with the status quo for decades and now that status quo is gone.

We must change. We must evolve. We must grow.

When we are faced with extreme challenges there are two types of people:

Those that FOLD.

Those that FOCUS.

Has your business been forced to close? Have you been laid off? Have you had to retire early? Have you taken a pay cut? Have you had to consider changing careers? Are you struggling?

Are you facing extreme challenges right now?

If so, it's time for you to make a choice. What type of person do you choose to be?

Are you a person that FOLDS? Or Do you FOCUS?

The choice is yours. And yours alone.

We all want to believe we are the person who will FOCUS. Now is the time to prove it to yourself and those around. Lead. Rise up. Learn. Grow. Adapt. Take risks. Be bold. Be brave!

I BELIEVE strongly we are about to begin a new era of dentistry.

One where single tooth dentistry has become much less appealing to people because they don't want to be in a dental office frequently. 

One where people want to their oral health restored to a place of STABILITY, LONG-TERM HEALTH and relatively MAINTENANCE-FREE moving forward so they can avoid frequent appointments and experience peace of mind. 

So, how am I responding?

I choose to FOCUS. I choose to focus on the OPPORTUNITY in this moment. 

- I have launched YouTube channel over the past two weeks to discuss various dental topics, educate and share stories.

- Am going through two very intense online interactive courses (one dental related and one business related). 

- Increasing my social media presence speaking to things that inspire me.

- Launching a new business to help inspire and lead a new generation of dentists who want to intentionally design their career and life.

- Re-vamped our Virtual Consultation system.

These are the choices I have made.

Now it's your turn to go and make yours.

In Service to the best version of you,

Dr. Ritter