Make Your Move Before You're Ready | The Smile Squad #4

Make Your Move Before You're Ready | The Smile Squad #4

Make Your Move Before You're Ready

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

Human nature is to doubt and fear the unknown.

What we don't understand we tend to avoid.

Any time we take action or make a decision we are programmed to want to know that the outcome will be certain ahead of time. Almost every human understands logically that this is virtually impossible in most scenarios, yet every day we we make choices that aim to keep us SAFE.

And there it is. It's all about feeling SAFE.

Even when we know that the action we're taking or decision we're making is not in our best interest, we continue to make it because we feel SAFE IN WHAT WE KNOW.

Fear can also be rational or irrational. Rational fear is useful. Running from a tiger... smart. Avoiding swimming in the ocean during a hurricane.. good idea.

With irrational fear though, we fear something that is either not real or misunderstood. What we fear exists in the dark. When we seek to understand what we fear or disprove what we're imagining, we unlock the potential in our lives.

What some of us struggle to realize is that in many situations in our lives we have to first make our move and then figure out how to make it work.

Seems counterintuitive right?

You are capable of much more than you know. Right now. Not some time in the future. You are already prepared to make your move and get what you desire.

You just need to make a decision. Isolate what's holding you back and determine if it's rational fear or irrational fear. Seek to understand that which you fear. Ask questions. Explore solutions.

"Getting ready" or "thinking about it" is, quite frankly, a stalling tactic and an act of anxiety. A con game you're playing on yourself.

First you act THEN you fine tune your strategy and sidestep roadblocks along the way.

Move forward with courage. Make your move before you're "ready" because that day of feeling "ready" may never arrive.

In Service,

Dr. Jesse Ritter