Investment Advice | The Smile Squad #16

Investment Advice | The Smile Squad #16

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of The Smile Squad Newsletter!

I write this newsletter to help inspire and inform you as well keep you up to date with Smile Solutions news and my personal life.

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Investment Advice

By Dr. Jesse Ritter

No, I am not a financial advisor and nothing I'm about to say is actually investment advice.

I am, however, incredibly passionate in my belief that comprehensive proactive dental care can be one of the best investments in your life.

I've never been one to shy away from polarizing topics. This newsletter is no exception.

We all have our own investment philosophies and goals. Younger people can tolerate more investment risk as they have a longer time frame for things to pan out. If their investments go down 30% one year they can stomach that because they don't intend to draw on those investments for 20, 30 or 40 years.

However, someone who is retired or close to retirement can't tolerate that kind of risk because a 30% drop in their portfolio may take many many years to recover and they need that cash flow in the near term.

And there's everyone in between.

You've got the option to buy bonds, stocks, treasuries, crypto, real estate, gold, silver, etc. You can short the market or buy futures, betting on future price direction.

How many of us can predict with a high degree of certainty right now that any of these investments are going up in the near-mid term future?

There's only one investment in the World right now that I know will do the following:

  1. Always go up in value as it's benefits are enjoyed over time
  2. Impact your quality of life immediately
  3. Save your future self significantly more money than you would spend today
  4. Save yourself future self potential pain
  5. Give you increased piece of mind every minute of your life

That investment is comprehensive proactive dental care.

Investing in your dental health can be as simple as using that electric toothbrush collecting dust on your bathroom shelf to having that full mouth rehabilitation you suspect you need.

While I admit I am likely biased in my belief about the value that proactive comprehensive dental care can provide, I do believe that I am correct that it is one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself.

Whether you agree or disagree with me doesn't matter. We will love and care for you to the best of our ability and always give you the option to be as healthy as you possibly can be.

To your health and success.

Practice News

Lacey Ties The Knot

Last week Lacey got married! Her and beautiful bride Cherrell were wed in Florida and honeymooned in the Keys. Congratulations Lacey!

Lis Returning From Maternity Leave

Lis is set to return on this coming Wednesday, November 9th. Lacey has done a wonderful job holding down the fort until Lis's return. Lis and Lacey and have been corresponding remotely to keep up with treatment plans and other things even though Lis hasn't been able to physically be in the office.

In Service,

Dr. Jesse Ritter