Exponential Change | The Smile Squad #13

Exponential Change | The Smile Squad #13

Exponential Change

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

People struggle with the idea of exponential change.

We're much more programmed to understand linear progressions. We easily grasp the idea of incremental growth and improvement.

Exponential growth, however, compounds with time. What starts out as a subtle shift quickly accelerates into a mind blowing change.

GraphPad Prism 9 Curve Fitting Guide - Exponential (Malthusian) growth

A common example is compounding interest. $10,000 saved earning 5% per year on average will be $12,762.82 in 5 years. However, in 50 years, that same $10,000 will be worth $114,674.

Double the rate of growth to 10% (possibly by investing wisely) and after 50 years you'd have $1,173,908.53. That's insane!

I believe, too often, we all think in terms of incremental growth.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that only modest gains are possible. 10% instead of 10X gains.

We've all been told "don't get your hopes up" or "be realistic".

While it likely has served you well in some areas of your life: Protected you from disappointment. Helped you avoid magical thinking. Helped you avoid making a risky decision, etc. It may be crippling the way you relate to your dental health.

Many people whose current dental health has deteriorated from wear, decay, missing teeth, etc. have a hard time VISUALIZING where their dental health and smile can go.

I ask patients every day, "what do you envision for your dental health and your teeth?", and 90% of the time I get a deer in headlights look and a response like "I've never really thought about it" or "I have no idea".

You see, there's this belief that their dental health can get a little bit better. That their smile can improve some. They've got discolored and destroyed front teeth and they say "I think I'd like to whiten". Incremental growth...10% improvement...

I can tell you, that with almost absolute certainty, you are underestimating drastically how healthy and attractive your teeth can be.

A 10X up-level in your dental health and smile is 100% ATTAINABLE if you're willing to think exponentially.

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