Discomfort Is the Way | The Smile Squad #7

Discomfort Is the Way | The Smile Squad #7

Discomfort Is The Way

by Dr. Jesse Ritter

"No pain no gain." "Pay your dues." "Nothing worth doing is easy."

You've heard it all before.

While it isn't always the case, most growth in our life is a result of struggle. Yes, there are some instances where just "letting it be easy" and "getting out of our own way" is the key to unlocking growth in our life.

Most of the time though, we've got to be willing to roll up our sleeves, do the work and get massively uncomfortable.

When you've been executing the same behavioral patterns and ways of thinking and CHOOSE to make a change, it will make you uneasy. Without question.

The larger the up-level, the more uncomfortable you're going to feel. The greater the leap, the greater the fear and anxiety. This can be strong evidence that you're on the correct path.

You must ride that wave of fear and anxiety with courage. Pressing forward despite the fear and anxiety is the definition of courage.

Friends and family may judge you for it. They've gotten comfortable with you as you've always been. They're not comfortable with the person you're going to become. While scary for you, that's a natural part of the process. Embrace it.

Destroy your fears with courage. Your more powerful self is waiting on the other side.

This idea comes up in our practice all the time for patients. Once people become aware of their deteriorating oral health and the effect on their psychological health and quality of life, they're faced with a decision that is influenced by myriad factors.

One huge component of deciding to go get their ideal health is overcoming the incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE feeling of saying "yes" to themselves.

"Am I being indulgent?" "I don't need a Hollywood smile." "What would others think of me if I spent this kind of money on my mouth?" "Nothing hurts so things can't be that bad".

These can all be justifications for the decision to remain in COMFORT and avoid getting what they truly want.

I empathize with everyone faced with these forks in the road of life. We all struggle making these decisions in our own way. We often cave into the fear.

I've done it. You've done it.

My goal is to bring awareness to it and ask you to ask yourself this question the next time your faced with a difficult decision regarding something you truly desire:

"Am I deciding to not go for what I want because it's what's best for me OR am I deciding to say "no" to this opportunity because saying "yes" would make me very uncomfortable?"

Practice Updates

  • I am taking a "staycation" this coming week with my family. Lis, Mykela and Hope will still be at the office to help in any way you need. There will be limited hygiene hours as well.
  • We have hired a new Front Desk Receptionist. Her name is Lacey and she starts on August 1st. So look out for a new smiling face at your next visit. :)

In Service,

Dr. Jesse Ritter