Patient Case | 4 Front Teeth Replacement

Patient Case | 4 Front Teeth Replacement

Patient Case

It's amazing how much of an impact restoring only 4 upper front teeth sometimes.

When it comes to smile dentistry there are certain principles that apply.

One of these is "never do 6". What that means is you never want to restore the front 6 top teeth (canine to canine) because when you do you create a sense of a segment of teeth in the front that are completely different than the back.

You're better off only doing 4 or, in order to make the entire visible smile seamless and completely natural appearing from all angles, 8 or 10 teeth depending on how wide a person's smile is.

In this example the patient does not smile broadly and so enhancing the front 4 was plenty!

This was a transformative esthetic enhancement for this patient and it was only 4 teeth. The front 4 were done using porcelain in a single visit at our office!