Attention Chronic Pain Sufferers...

Attention Chronic Pain Sufferers...

This letter may just change your life.

If you, like myself, have or are currently suffering from debilitating chronic pain, you best read on...

Today I’d like to tell you my story with chronic pain.

This story starts back in 7th grade. I was a wide receiver and cornerback for our 7th grade football team. 

Two times a week, after practice, my Mom would trek me down to the local chiropractor’s office to get my adjustments.

Snap, Crackle and Pop and I’d be feeling temporary relief and out the door.

The relief was always temporary though and “my hip sliding out” became an inevitable component of each football practice.

This improved as I started high school. I played the same positions on my high school football team. Power lifting was an integral part of our training regimen and I was passionate about being the strongest I could be. By my junior year, I could bench press 300 lbs, squat over 400 lbs and power clean 250 lbs. I weighed 170-175 lbs. To put that in perspective I was lifting weight similar to what the linemen were.

I pushed my body to, and beyond, what it should have been. Being young and resilient though, I suffered very few aches and pains. I simply didn’t know if, or how much, damage I could be causing.

In college at Penn State I continued to lift hard and maintained nearly the same strength, even after losing 25 lbs the summer after my freshmen year after working at my Father’s animal feed mill back in Pennsylvania.

I had very little back pain.

Fast forward to 3rd year of dental school. The week I began treating patients in the clinic my upper back pain began. The 1st week! Instead of being able to sit up “perfectly straight” as I was able to in sim lab, I was leaning over and putting tons of strain on my cervical spine.

I began seeing a chiropractor in Baltimore for weekly adjustments. Relief was temporary.

Chronic tightness, intermittent sharp pain and sporadic tingling continued unrelenting for the next 11 years. At times it felt as if a knife was stabbing me in my upper back. Headaches, radiating pain and muscle spasms were common. Busy days at the office left me with increased pain.

I continued chiropractic treatment, core strengthening exercises and massage. I then decided to try a new chiropractor who suggested an MRI of my spine.

The MRI revealed 3 bulging discs (T1, T3, T4). My pain continued. Massage and chiropractics provided inconsistent, if any, relief.

It was the middle of 2019 when my thoughtful and loving wife, Saleha, brought a book to my attention called…

Healing Back Pain” by Dr. John Sarnos.


My identification with a “injury” or physical reasoning for my pain was keeping me stuck. Dr. Sarnos provided the revelation that much of the chronic pain experienced in today’s society is not physical in nature, but MENTAL. Our mind, as a way to distract/protect us from certain emotional or stressful things in our life, creates the pain to keep us distracted and stuck.

He discusses that chronic back pain, and other types of pain, result from hypoxia in the tissues. 

As I read through the book and began to integrate my new knowledge in to my psyche, I noticed something beginning to happen… my pain was going away…

Not only was it not hurting nearly as much, the mere conscious recognition that it was indeed a creation of my mind, allowed me to control it predictably when it did flare up.

Currently, my chronic back pain is 90% improved. My mood is improved. My ability to focus is improved. I am less temperamental. More optimistic.

I invite you in to the POSSIBILITY that your chronic pain, or that of a loved one, could be of the same mechanism.

If you are open to this POSSIBILITY…read or gift this book!

It may just change your life.